The ROCKY™ Statue in the New York Times

Successful business owner, entrepreneur, writer, speaker and ROCKY fan, Jay Goltz is well-known for sharing the realities of running a business on his New York Times blog and in his public speeches. Jay’s perspective includes being a retailer, manufacturer, distributor and overseeing an outside sales force.

In his latest NYT blog, “What ROCKY Teaches Entrepreneurs”, Jay writes about how many entrepreneurs he’s known have a special place in their heart for “ROCKY”. Why? Because entrepreneurs who confront long odds and brutal competition - with minimal support - to build their businesses can identify with Rocky Balboa.

As Jay writes, when he has a difficult time in business, he’s reminded of the scene in the second movie when Rocky is sitting in his corner after being knocked down during a brutal round. He looks up at his trainer, Mickey, played by Burgess Meredith, and says, “I ain’t going down no more.” Mickey replies, “Dat”ll work. Go get ‘em!” That, Jay says, is the inspiration and the point: you learn that after you are knocked down, you just get up and continue the fight, the sooner the better!

True to his word and in keeping with his love for all things ROCKY, every month at one of his companies, Jay awards a “ROCKY of the Month” - a 12” resin ROCKY sculpture - to one employee for their contributions to the company. “Gonna Fly Now” plays in the background…

You can read more of Jay’s blogs online at the New York Times’ “You’re the Boss” page.